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What is a worksheet?


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By completing a worksheet and submitting it to us, you are essentially reserving your spot in line for The Project. This allows us to give you priority vs others. The worksheet typically includes information such as the buyer's contact information, preferred unit type and size, and any customization requests.

Exclusive VIP Pre-Construction Worksheet

2 pieces of government issued photo ID required (such as a Driver’s License or Passport) must be sent to

Choice 1 - Model Selection

Locker (If Applicable)

Choice 2 - Model Selection (Optional)

Locker (If Applicable)

Why work with us?

As a real estate agent with first VIP access and pre-release to pre-construction projects, I can provide my clients with an exclusive advantage over other buyers in the market. This means that my clients can access the best properties at the best prices before they are even available to the general public. With my expertise in the industry and access to these unique opportunities, I can help my clients make informed decisions and secure their dream home or investment property.

Your information has been submitted!

James Kasco
Sales Representative Intercity Realty
Telephone : 647-449-7808

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